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– Minna Dufton

Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.

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Rebellious Bride

Alternative wedding blogger and author Rebellious Bride knows how to make sure no-one sleepwalks into marriage. In her standup comedy show she tells you the truth about weddings and marriage. She is a professional bride and an international expert on encore weddings.

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DocStop: Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto got tired of the criticism she received in her native Finland and left to try her luck in Britain. How did her life change after the X Factor UK finals?

My documentary about Saara was one of the most watched documentaries by Yle in 2017.

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Paluumuuttajat – Yle Tv2

My reality TV series “Paluumuuttajat” was broadcast on Yle TV2 in 2012. It tells the stories of five families, all returning to North Karelia in search of the “simpler” life. This award-winning series has been one of the most repeated programmes by Yle.

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get to know me


I’m Minna Dufton

Journalist, Writer and Director with a passion for creating content that’s as colourful and touching as life can be.

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What are they saying?

What are they saying?

  • I love putting the world to rights with you!
    Melanie Jayne Garner
  • A delight to work with. Always cheerful, friendly and professional. Minna’s care and passion are evident in all her work.
    Timothy Keetch
  • Thank you for helping me with social media. You have brought me so much good energy!!!
    Hanna Kivinen

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